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Lets talk about pockets...


Can we all just take a moment to talk about pockets?   

Pockets in trousers are great, don’t get me wrong, but it is the ever more present pocket in a dress or a skirt that just gets my heart all a flutter.  The joy I experience when I put on a garment like this, it looks great, feels good oh wait…oh yes..oh hello there!!  POCKETS!!  Lifechanging.  OK, well perhaps not lifechanging, but in that little moment I feel like I am planting my flag, having discovered something spectacular.  Don’t even get me started on the squeaks of unadulterated joy that were emitted when I realised my wedding dress had pockets …..swoon.


Told you. POCKETS.  Photograph Euan Robertson


In all seriousness though, having this little addition in a piece of clothing makes me feel so much more comfortable, confident, fun, at ease, and the list goes on.  This translates to lovely feelings, a brighter outlook and I generally have a better day.  I have already decided, as I sprinted to the computer to capture this outpouring of love for the pocket, that today was in fact a pocket day.  I know I will have lost a few of you already, pockets…eh?  But for those of you who share my deep emotional attachment to this perfect piece of design, I know you were hooked in by the first sentence.  Saying that, you did suddenly question all your life choices as you realised you did not have on your best pocketed outfit today (just what the heck are you doing with your life) swiftly dashed off to change into said uniform of greatness, and are now settled back in. are my people.



For some, pockets are what maketh the bag.  You want eleventy billion compartments for evert little thing so it is fully organized and easy to navigate.  I get that.  However, if you are like me, and have a closer to eleventy billion bags, then this level of organisation would make the constant changeover laborious as heck.  My vision for the collections I produced was to have larger bags with the space for everything you could need, complimented by little pouches, bags and portable pockets if you will that you could easily change between bags keeping you all organized.  As with everything this vision became blurry as I got all excited about colour, and new fabrics and trying new ideas.  But I am getting back on track to a clearer focus and you will see this emerging over the next few months. 



Pockets (yes, yes I am still talking about pockets) are one of the things that I have been asked more about when people come to see me at events.  Some people do not mind the big cavernous bucket totes, loving the freedom to chuck things in and out with ease, but others would really quite like a pocket.  Well I have heard you, I have listened, and your pocket dreams are about to become a reality!  Moving forward all standard totes shall have internal slip pockets.  Simple, easy to keep your phone or wallet to hand.  In addition, I shall be introducing the option to have a zip pocket on the reverse of the bucket totes.  Placed perfectly for easy access when wearing, secured with a zip and resting close to your body so as to keep everything all safe and sound.  I hope that these new options will give you all the pockety warm and fuzzies and just the right amount of organized chaos. 


 Oh last thing….(promise) the new styles will be at a slightly higher price point as they do involve more work and materials, but there are some of the old style in stock at the moment for your last chance to grab them at the current price.  Head over the shop the LAST CHANCE here.  These are all made up, in stock and ready to go to.   

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